Economic Themes (2010) 48 (3) 10, 467-479


Dejan Đorđević, Dragan Ćoćkalo, Srđan Bogetić

Abstract: According to some experiences of developed countries, the young who start their own business for the first time, represent a very important category for development of enterprise climate on national economy level. The ambience where young people can be stimulated to start their own business is not developed enough in Serbia. Possible solutions can be education and encouragement of the young to start and perform their own business. Stimulating enterprising behaviour of the young is especially important in transitional countries which are faced with recession. The authors of this paper are analysing the necessity of implementing a modern enterprise concept on the territory of the Republic of Serbia with a special attention to the role of young people and the opportunities of their involvement in enterprise activities. The results of two researches, carried out in 2008 and 2009 among Serbian students are compared and shown here. The theme has been: enterprise and enterprising behaviour of the young.

Keywords:  enterprise; young entrepreneurs; small and medium size enterprises; competitiveness; knowledge

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