Economic Themes (2018) 56 (4) 1, 439-452


Bojan Leković, Miodrag Petrović, Nemanja Berber

Abstract: The subject of this research represents analysis of internationalisation activity of early-stage entrepreneurs in South East Europe region (SEE). The goal of this study is to determine characteristics of export oriented entrepreneurs from SEE region through the study of factors influencing international orientation. Geographical area of this research consists of countries from the South East Europe region. The research sample was formed on the basis of GEM - Global Individual Level Data, covering six countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and FYR of Macedonia), 12027 respondents of which 645 export-oriented entrepreneurs were identified. Collected data are processed using the software package for statistical analysis. With the help of Ordinal Logistic regression, significant influence of individual factors on the international orientation of entrepreneurs was identified. Research results showed that entrepreneurial motives, entrepreneurial KSA’s, innovation and new technology have a positive relationship with internationalization activity. One of the significant limitations of this paper is the lower Nagelkerk coefficient, which is characteristic for social phenomena. Bearing in mind the fact that this research trying to explain entrepreneurial behaviour, lower coefficients can be very meaningfull.

Keywords:  entrepreneurship; motivation; innovation; internationalization; new technology; South East Europe

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